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Executive producer:

Thomas Wallner


Irene Vandertop


Wes Bos

Art directors:

Vincent Marcone
Irene Vandertop

Graphic designers:

Steven Balaban
Luis Elejalde

Chief editor:

Stephanie Weimar

Writer and Editor:

Kyla Garvey

Content manager:

Emily Hunter


Stephanie Weimar
Kyla Garvey

Production assistant:

Marie Tabacs


Ulla Lohmann www.ullalohmann.com
John Minh Tran
Mark Bochsler
Damir Chytil
Ivan Castro
Philip Plisson, www.plisson.com

Camera, Polar Sea Specials:

Damir Chytil
John Minh Tran
Christopher Yapp

Editors, Polar Sea Specials:

Jay Cheel
Radek Zurawiecki

Camera, 360 videos:

John Minh Tran
Thomas Wallner

VFX Editor, 360 videos:

Anthony Murray

VFX Editor, maps:

Mark Alberts

Assistant editors:

Miranda Ciolfi
Emily Hunter

Technology consultant, 360 video:

Mike Kintner, 360 Heros

Facebook programming, 360 video:

Pedro Diaz, Wemersive Ltd.

System integrator:

Ian Wood


Ann Molnar
Alex Hughes

Marketing coordinator:

Sarah Baird


Dana Fields

Social media managers:

Emily Hunter
Joel McConvey


Sharyn McMahon
André Czernohorsky

Production insurance:

Front Row Entertainment


“The Dawning”
Written and Performed by Terje Isungset. Courtesy of All Ice Records www.icemusic.no
Written and Performed by Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children www.nivenielsen.com
“Northwest Passage”
Written and Performed by Stan Rogers. Courtesy of Borealis Records
“Northwest Passage”
Written by Stan Rogers. Performed by Chor Leoni Men’s Choir
“Nanook of the North”
Written by Tanya Tagaq, Derek Thomas Clarke, Jean Martin, and Jesse Zubot. Performed by Tanya Tagaq, Jean Martin, and Jesse Zubot
“Daylight Remains”
Written and performed by Celina Kalluk
Additional Original Music by Ohad Benchetrit & Justin Small. Courtesy of Telepathic Out Takes

Stock images:

Mariusz Potocki, Adam Ravetch, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo Photographer: Roald Amundsen, Claudio Aporta, The General Synod Archives, Anglican Church of Canada, The Fram Museum / Le Musée Fram, Library of Congress Bridgeman Art Library, Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons, The Granger Collection, Alamy, Look and Learn Ltd.

Stock footage:

NASA, World Wildlife Fund, RRPS ASA 2014, Prelinger Archives, Nunavut Film Lab, National Film Board of Canada, Janet Mitchell, Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum

Photo Contributors:

Richard Tegnér, Martin Sigge, Nive Nielsen, Philipp
Cottier, Dylan Reibling, David New, Isla Myers-Smith, Manfred Becker, Claudia Kirchberger www.fortgeblasen.at, Lucie Idlout and Sun Rev Records www.lucieidlout.com, Basti Hoffman, Stephen Atkinson, Primitive Entertainment, Tanya Tagaq www.tanyatagaq.com, Colleen Swan, Ariel Roger, Doreen Larsen-Riedel, Abbie Ootova Angnestisak, Stefanie Weege, Prof. Dr. Hugues Lantuit, Inuvialuit Cultural Research Centre


John Bockstoce, Greenland360, Canadian Coast Guard, The Pan Inuit Trails project, funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and led by Claudio Aporta, Michael Bravo, and Fraser Taylor

Special Thanks to:

Kevin McMahon, Michael McMahon, Kristina McLaughlin, Alex Hughes, Andra Sheffer, Marcia Douglas, Mike Kintner, The Community of Pond Inlet, Anita Turcotte, Amit Breuer, Nathan Shields, Richard Tegnér, Martin Sigge, Bengt Norvik, Cathy and Topsy Cockney and the Inuvialuit Cultural Research Centre, Reinhard Krause, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Olivier Francis, Stephen Bown, Didier Drouet, Michael Byers, Claudio Aporta, Ricky Broo, Pedro Diaz, The Community of Pangnirtung, Rachelle Smith
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Linda Fong
Rick Nye
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Murray Battle
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Kay Siering
Steffen Haug
Nathalie Siegler

Produced with the participation of

The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

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